Meet Don Flood–A Contemporary Art Collector

By Ron Mulvey 

Fortunately, art is the only profession in which no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.

–Sebastian Horsley

Nothing fuels an artist more than sales.

In the 1980’s, there were at least four regular clients who purchased many of my studio works in oil and acrylic. They came to every show and their genuine interest and enthusiasm worked like a tonic. While no landscape painter in his right mind goes into art for the money, selling your paintings does give you a boost of confidence and enables you to keep painting.

Last year, one very serious collector purchased thirty works from me which included paintings from three decades. There was a point when he had almost the same number as I had.

That was one of the most productive years I have ever had. Artists are always very encouraged by collectors; the collector believes in you and believes in the work you are doing.

Below is a video of Don Flood, a contemporary art collector who has purchased thirty of my landscape paintings. I am grateful for his support. You can view the video below and see his large collection of contemporary art.

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