How Do You Purchase A $22,000 Painting Online ?

Which painting do you think is the $22,000 painting?

       This one …

Master work 8

… or this one


Image size is crucial to choosing art online.

Additional visual information is needed

Let’s help you with some more information about these two paintings. Below is a close up of #1 painting. It shows a detail of  1/12th of the painting at about 75% of actual size on my 36 in. wide screen monitor. As you can see more visual information is the key to fitting the right work of art with the right client. Actual size of this Studio Masterwork is 8 ft. by 2 ft. It’s framed to museum standards and is one of my largest works.

common mistakes by artists


By now you have guessed that painting#1 is the right choice.

colour effects in landscape art

View Through the Trees of the Little Slocan River. 8 ft. by 2 ft. Acrylic on panel, Studio Masterwork 2008 – 2011


An 8 foot by 2 foot Painting is impossible to read on your ‘pocket device’. Driving to our gallery is out of the question if you live on the East Coast and we live on the West Coast. You can view it on your big screen and get a decent impression of it’s appeal to you. Colour calibration on your big screen may give you a mis-read on the colour harmony. What you need is a ‘true image’ of the  painting. Here is how we  make your purchase satisfying and stress free. The time is almost upon us when 3-d imaging and 360 degree digital zoom cameras will give you all the information you will need to inspect and approve your purchase.

 A Photographic Print with ‘true colour’ is sent to the prospective buyer which provides for more visual information.

A short film with ‘true colour’ is loaded into ‘Ron Mulvey Vimeo’ for viewing by prospective buyer.

Details on method of payment and insured shipping are worked out and agreed upon.


How much time do I have to purchase a painting that I like before someone else tries to buy it?

First come first serve is our policy. Consideration is always given to the ‘time factor’ involved with making a decision. After 30 years of arranging purchases for clients we will put all our experience to work in keeping you informed about making timely decisions in regards to your purchase.

The following report will give you a thorough education in regards to online art sales and market trends. If you have never purchased online this will settle you down and increase your confidence for purchasing with a click.  

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