Framing Your Artwork For $25 to $250

A frame protects, displays, isolates, and invites.

Consideration #1  Custom framing simply means the frame is assembled by a trained framer. They measure, cut, glue, clamp,assemble,tape, and give it to you ready to hang. Good framers will use acid free materials only! Total cost for let’s say an average 10 in. by 12 in. watercolour, including a mat and frame would be from $120 to $250. Now we might pay $150 for a great little sketch and then add $145 for framing. your total would be under $300. If you choose to go with the custom framing you will be assured that all the criteria will be met as stated in the title of this post.

Consideration #2  Do it yourself is very economical and will meet the criteria for sound framing. We supply acid free tape, free of charge, with our watercolours and sketches on paper. You have to  purchase a small sheet of acid free backing paper at a minimal cost to protect the art work from acid bearing papers in your mat or frame backing. Then you can pick up a ready made frame and mat from your local “out of the box store’ and assemble it yourself at home. Total cost about $25 to $40. Ten minutes on utube will give you all the pointers you will need. I have found that more stores are using acid free mats with their ready made frames. You will still need the acid free backing paper.

Caution: Artwork on paper needs a Mat and Glass. Plexiglass ( a little  pricey ) is the best as it will not damage the artwork if it falls off your wall. Otherwise hang frames with glass ‘securely’ to the wall. Artwork done on 300 lb. or more paper, using full bodied paints, can be varnished and do well without glass.

west coast Vancouver Island

Simple black frame / no mat, no glass / available at any mall or online / $13


Left is an Ikea acid free mat and pressed wood frame with glass / cost $32 Right is custom wood frame with acid free mat and plexiglass / cost $235

Framing cost / $30 / includes acid free tape and backing paper,

Framing cost / $30 / includes acid free tape and backing paper,                                                                                                       

Why we do not ship our artwork framed ?

Glass breaks. Frames are heavy and double shipping rates. You will enjoy picking out your own frame more than settling with one we pick out. You save money. We save time and shipping headaches.

Why should you contact us when your ready to buy ?

When one of our ‘children’ leave home we do want to know where and to whom they are going. We want everything to go smoothly and have all your questions answered, even if it’s a $40 sketch or drawing. Professional artists keep inventories of where their artwork lives. Many buyers purchase more than once and a friendly professional relationship works to everyone’s benefit. One of my greatest collectors was Don Flood, who left us in 2014, his collection totaled 52 works. His love of all fine art was the mark of his greatness. I was encouraged by his patronage for over a 20 years. This virtual show is dedicated to all true patrons of the arts.  Don Flood Video can be viewed under Thoughts on Landscape Painting.

Arranging shipping does need some particulars answered  to make it all work smoothly. The safest and most cost efficient means will be chosen depending on where you live. Returns rarely occur but rest assured our policy is 100% satisfaction and no questions asked if a return is needed. Work with us before you purchase and all will go well.

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