Evening Light / Crescent Beach B.C. / Studio Masterwork / 1980’s


Soft and glowing is what this time of day is all about. Although there are no strong, vibrant, colours there is a ‘luminous’ quality to the image that captures the lighting on this marshy landscape.



Acrylic painting using luminous colour techniques in a Magic Realist  style.

Luminous landscape of West Coast evening.

Most of the paintings done in the studio during the 80’s were in a ‘magic realist’ style. The term ‘magic realist’ has changed since then and today has all sorts of meanings and representations. In the 80’s it was a style of painting realism that elevated the ordinary and gave it a ‘magic’, a feeling, a mood, an elevated perception. In my case it was giving the paintings a luminosity that made them glow. Faber Birren’s colour theory was my main course of study at the time and I put his principals of ‘luminosity’ to good use.

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