Acrylic Painting of an Old Cedar Tree For Sale — $925 SOLD

Painting of an old cedar tree for sale

Size: 12.5 by 12

Price: $925

Medium: Acrylic on Panel

Artist’s notes: This is a gem. If you look closely you can see spring board cuts visible on the old cedar stump, meaning that this giant tree was logged by hand. Typically, loggers would cut a wedge out of the stump and insert a board to stand on. Subtle burn marks also show that this stump survived a massive forest fire that swept through the valley. This acrylic painting has bright colors. This stump is about 50 feet from my studio near Nelson BC. Painting was completed in  1995.


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  1. Jennifer,Rick asks so much! Your acrylic looks loelvy and I can’t tell from the photo any difference from oil. But from my experience, there is a luminosity to the oil paint that can’t be accomplished with acrylic. The advantage with acrylic’s for me is, because they dry so fast, it is easier to keep the colors fresh and pure. The downside is ,because they dry so fast, blending is difficult.How was your plein air painting on Friday? Thanks to your encouragement, I got out there myself on Friday. Great experience!

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